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You can sell a product to a customer as long as he has a need and willing to buy it from your store. You have to convince your customer about your product’s relevance and practical usage for the intended purpose. You may also have to convince him about the product quality, safety, and related parameters. Then he may choose to buy immediately, after some time, or after an indefinite time.  How you convince him to buy at the earliest depends on the type of customer service you offer.

Customer Service Parameters

Gone are the days when you could convince your customers with the product quality alone. There are hundreds of other product manufacturers and sellers who offer the same product quality. So, you have to think about what can put you ahead of the others. Here is where the customer service parameter comes into the picture. Customer service can be categorized into two parts, namely the pre-sales and post-sales.

Pre-Sales Services

In the pre-sales module, you can add

  • Product demo (direct or online)
  • Information about warranty
  • Free services during warranty
  • Paid services during the warranty and after
  • Information about repairs and replacements
  • Any other related information

Product Demo

Practical demo of the product can convince the customer about its application for his intended purpose. You can do it online or during a face-to-face session. Tips about safety and proper usage are a very important factor. Make sure you don’t compare your product with your competitor at any point in time. It may prove to be a negative factor.

Duration of the demo has to be short and effective. You can show the testimonials of the existing customers for specific product functionality. For example, you may assume the product demo of a refrigerator. You may explain and demonstrate the various aspects like storage space deep-freeze, etc. You can take a break after explaining a feature and display the testimonial for that feature. It can be the most effective way of convincing the customer.

Warranty Information

You have to provide the right warranty information about the product. It could be according to the product manual and the warranty card. Then you have to convince the client about the sufficiency of warranty because of product quality and durability. Here also, you should avoid comparing your product with the competitors.  

If the customer persists on the comparison you can show the existing customer testimonials about the quality and durability of your product.

Post Sales Services

Provide detailed information about post sales services you offer to the customer. It is apart from the warranty, repairs, and replacements you have promised. You can specify

  • 24X7 helpdesk
  • 24X7 emergency services
  • Information about product updates
  • Information about new products
  • Information about product accessories, etc

Now the equation of providing customer services is complete. You can be sure of complete customer satisfaction, once you have put all the specified promises into action. It is also the most recommended way to getting more sales and referrals from the new customer.